SIS Safety Instrumented Systems
SIS Safety Instrumented Systems

Today SIS Safety Instrumented Systems play an increasingly important role in many process plants. Safety standards such as IEC 61508, IEC61511 and ISA S84.01, are creating more stringent safety requirements for process plants.

Depending on application use, other names used for SIS Safety Instrumented Systems are:
Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD), Burner Management Systems (BMS), Fire and Gas Systems (F&G), Critical Turbomachinery Control, Railway Switching, Semiconductor Life Safety Systems (SEMI S2), Nuclear 1E Safety Systems, High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS), High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)
Explosion SIS Safety Instrumented Systems
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Yokogawa - ProSafe-RS
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Yokogawa / ProSafe-RS

Achieving absolute integrity between distributed control systems (DCS) and safety instrumented systems (SIS) for plant automation has traditionally raised complex design and integration issues.

Conventionally, two separate monitoring and operating environments were required for a DCS and SIS.  Different communications and distinctive hardware architectures had to be set up.  Plant managers striving to optimize process operations have taken it as a given that project time and expenses would escalate.

Now Yokogawa puts an end to DCS-SIS incompatibility with the new ProSafe-RS, the world's first truly integrated "safety PLC" for the process industries.
Emerson - DeltaV SLS-1508
Emerson Process Management / DeltaV SLS-1508

Emerson extends the proven innovations of their PlantWeb® architecture to safety applications.

The resulting smart safety instrumented system provides an integrated approach to complete safety loops - from sensor to logic solver to final control element.

It also uses digital intelligence and diagnostics to enable more automated safety loop testing and other features that increase system availability while reducing life-cycle costs and easing regulatory compliance.

As a key component of this smart SIS solution, the DeltaV SIS system takes advantage of the PlantWeb architecture's digital communications and smart diagnostics within field devices to increase the availability of the whole of the Safety Instrumented Function.  Scheduled partial-stroke testing of final control elements can improve the safety level, reduce the number of risky personnel trips into the field, and increase the mandatory proof test interval.
DeltaV Safety System
Ivensys Triconex - Tricon
Ivensys Triconex / Tricon

The TRICON is a state-of -the-art fault tolerant controller based on a Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) architecture. TMR employs three isolated, parallel control systems and extensive diagnostics integrated into one system. The system uses two-out-of-three voting to provide high integrity, error-free, uninterrupted process operation with no single point of failure.

Setting up applications is simplified with the TRICON, because the Triplicated TMR system operates as a single control system from the user's point of view. The extensive diagnostics are inherent and transparent to the programmer. All diagnostic information is stored in system variables and annuniciated with Light Emitting Diode (LED) indicators.

The Tricon controller can interface with Modbus masters and slaves, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), external host computers on Ethernet networks and other Tricon on a Peer-to-Peer network.

The TriStation 1131 Developer's Workbench is an integrated tool for developing, testing, and documenting safety and critical process control applications for the Tricon and Trident programmable logic controllers. The programming methodology, user interface, and self-documentation capabilities make the system superior to traditional and competing engineering tools.
Triconex Safety System
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