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Electric Motor and Drives Books
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Electric Motor Drives Books
Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems (5th Edition)
Theodore Wildi
This best-selling text takes on a theoretical, practical, and multidisciplinary approach to provide readers with a thorough understanding of modern electric power. The extensive coverage of a wide range of topics, the liberal use of excellent illustrations and photographs, the real-world orientation to practical issues, and the clear, reader-friendly writing style are only a few of the outstanding features that contribute to the book's success and popularity.

New to this edition is a chapter on programmable logic controllers. It covers the basic principles of PLCs and shows, by way of example, how they are used in running the activities of a large service enterprise. Trend-setting computer-based activities involving controls and automation integrated with other business activities, including e-commerce, are illustrated.

Exercises at the end of each chapter are divided into four levels: practical, intermediate, advanced, and industrial application. To encourage the reader to solve the problems, answers are given at the back of the book. A free Instructor's Manual (ISBN 0-13-093084-9) is available to instructors.

Offering a theoretical, practical, and multi-disciplinary approach to modern electric power, this text covers fundamental concepts, electrical machines and transformers, electrical and electronic drives, and electric utility power systems. Specific chapters discuss units, circuits, mechanics and heat, direct-current generators and motors, efficiency and heating electrical machines, three-phase circuits, various kinds of transformers, induction motors, synchronous generators, types of motors and varieties of motor control, generation of electrical energy, transmission, distribution, the cost of electricity, solid-state controllers, harmonics, and programmable logic controllers. Wildi is an emeritus professor at Laval University.
Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
R. Krishnan
Electric Motor Drives is a comprehensive book for seniors, graduates, and practicing engineers. Designed to motivate students and professional engineers alike, the book emphasizes a systematic approach to motor drives based on physical insight and practical implementation aspects. DC and AC drives share the same pedagogical framework throughout. Present day practice as well as recent research and development are covered.

* System equations are derived from first principles based on a physical understanding of the machine. It is therefore distinct from other books in that it does not rely on the reader's memory.
* Each of the motor drives is illustrated with an industrial application in detail at the end of chapters to enable readers to relate theory to practice.
* Current and speed controller designs have been standardized throughout the book to emphasize the commonality of the drive design.
* Interrelationships between subsystems and the performance of the integrated system are derived and illustrated with a large number of simulation results.
* Readers can check the validity of their simulation software by correlating their findings with the simulation results given in the book.
* Basic concepts are illustrated with numerous analysis and design examples.
* Each chapter contains discussion questions to reinforce the reader's understanding, and to help them probe advanced topics independently with the help of references.
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Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
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